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How will the world be better because you were in it? You decide!


An invitation.

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ClearVision Leadership (CVL) is currently under development as a dynamic, future focused, emerging leadership formation program. The community forming around the CVL model is passionately committed to creating a world where every person has the opportunity to live life to the full.

The aim of the ClearVision Leadership approach is to transform your organisation’s vision, purpose and impact on the world through new approaches to forming leaders of Vision, Integrity and Spirit.

ClearVision Leadership will create visionary leaders in the corporate, educational and wider communities. It is not just another leadership training program. Currently under development, CVL is about inspiring vision, purpose and leadership legacy, and then engaging whatever experiences, training and resources are needed to bring about that outcome.

ClearVision Leadership is more like an experience than a program, a journey rather than a destination, a tapestry of creative opportunities rather than a one-size fits all training solution.

The CVL Student program will engage Yr 9-12 students at a time when they are setting directions for life. Through interactive group activities and personal mentoring with corporate leaders, our youngest leaders gain a sense of purpose that will change their world.

The CVL Corporate program will take young executives and help them develop a sense of vision and purpose grounded on the belief that anything is possible if we know how. The intent is to then leverage that personal vision with the resources of the corporate community to ensure anything really is possible.

The CVL Foundation will host and develop the IP behind ClerarVision Leadership. Educators, mentors, facilitators and other experts are invited to join together to make CVL a global force in shaping a world where every life can be lived to the full.


What are CVL's foundations?

ClearVision Leadership is based on three key Christian principles:
Vocation - Education - Mission

 Each is a "forth" word - (not the one before fifth!)  but OUT.

 Vocation - Called OUT - Eg. Jesus called the disciples to follow him.

 Education - Drawn OUT - Eg. Jesus used life encounters as teaching moments, drawing out the knowledge of his followers and transforming it with moments of insight.

 Mission - Sent OUT - Eg. God is a sending God. Jesus sends us. A Christian understanding of mission is to join in with God's purposes of reconciling the world with God'self. We are invited to join in and play!

What is CVL's approach?

My Potential

Use Appreciate Inquiry to identify a person's character when they are at their best, build belief, use Peer Observation. Psalm 139:14 "I praise you because I am fearfuly and wonderfully made"

My Passion

Who or what do I care about the most? Who does my heart "burst for"? [Ref Tom Bandy] Micah 6:8 "Do justice, Love mercy, walk humbly with God."

My Purpose

What difference do I need to make with my Heartburst? John 10:10 "I have come that you may have life in all its fullness."

My Path

How will I (Potential) make a difference (Purpose) with my Heartburst (Passion)?


"Vocation is where our Passion meets the world's greatest Need." (Frederick Buechner)


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