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ClearVision Leadership is an innovative leadership formation experience being developed by Steve Terrell. The program seeks to enhance traditional leadership skills development by drawing deep on the persona and vision of the Gen Y leadership cohort.

The approach is remarkably simple. Ask some key questions about impossible dreams and personal passion, and then develop personalised opportunities for creating vision that is high on commitment, broad on involvement, and deep on impact.

The model arises from its founder’s own experience and is deeply rooted in his reflection on life, purpose and spirituality. As a Christian minister for over 20 years and presently in a regional oversight role, Rev. Steve Terrell brings enormous experience and insight to the role of CEO of ClearVision Leadership. His networks that resource the program are extensive, global and growing all the time.

Steve’s qualifications include BA (Pub Rel), B. Theol, Results Coaching Systems Level 1 & Team coach.

Apart from his four children and beautiful wife, Steve’s interests include motorsport flag-marshaling, kite flying and applied neuroscience. Steve is has been an officer with the Australian Air Force Cadets and runs a Network 21 powered Amway business.

Background to ClearVision Leadership

As the developer of ClearVision Leadership, Steve Terrell has a passion for seeing Gen Y and Gen Z grab the future with both hands, and to live out their destiny as foundation-layers and shapers of a future world, where every person can live life to the full.

According to those who study generational patterns, Gen Y will be the next “institution builders” or foundation layers and Gen Z will put on “the flesh” of those institutions by creating the values and ethics of that society shaped by Gen Y. Part of my dream for that world is for it to be sustainable in all respects, driven by values that honour humanity, and deepened by a rich spirituality.

The work of successful older leaders (in Gen X and Boomer generations particularly) is to provide powerful transformative leadership for Gens Y & Z as they step up to their task.

Having been born on the cusp of both the Boomer and Gen X cohorts, with a deep and lively faith, and as a person of personal vision and proven leadershipinfluence, Steve is  uniquely positioned to facilitate creative partnerships and mentoring opportunities between the world’s current successful business and life leaders, and Gen Y youth. Over the next 10-30 years this effort will expand to include Gen Z as they take their place on the world stage.

This Generational Transformative Leadership project ClearVision Leadershipwill become a significant force for enlivening and raising the sights of the coming generations of leaders.

Steve is presently creating networks of successful business and life leaders who share the dream for creating a sustainable and value-driven world, and have a desire to contribute to the transformation of Generations Y & Z so they can truly Grab The Future With Both Hands.

Organisationally ClearVision Leadership will be a not-for-profit social enterprise. It is expected that once developed resources to run a ClearVision experience will be made availabe under licence.

Join us by getting in touch via the Contact page on this site.

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