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How will the world be better because you were in it? You decide!

Many students struggle with subjects that seem irrelevant or pointless. Grades drop and unruly behaviour comes to the fore.

CVL will change all that!

Currently under development, the CVL Schools program is designed to motivate and inspire a strong sense of purpose and direction in yr 9-12 students. The ClearVision Leadership Schools Program is about education in its best and original sense of bringing out rather than filling up, inspiration rather than obligation, a vision for life rather than a need to pass exams.

ClearVision Leadership Student Program will incorporate school assembly style interaction, and then drive deeper for students who embark on experiences that will have them inspired and ready to lead with real passion and personal conviction.

ClearVision Leadership will offer part-day and multi-day experiences for yr 9-12 students, which focus on life-directions and vision as a foundation for other skill development. A personal sense of purpose and direction are key to successful and internally motivated students.

The ClearVision Leadership experience will consist of five integrated stages. Each is an experience on its own, but also builds on the momentum and vision developed in the previous stage. The Secondary Schools experience begins with Clearscope Assembly & Group events

CLEARSCOPECorporate LeAders Returning to School On PurposE. Impacting students at secondary school to foster hope, vision and dream for a new world through the stories of past successful students.

LASER – School-based or school camp workshops for students that flow into corporate sponsored mentoring by young executives who stay on the journey right into tertiary and even beyond.

ONSIGHT – Rapid launch strategy for tertiary students to get their feet on the ground in the corporate community. This is work placement on steroids!

FOCUS – Excellent process for raising existing corporate emerging leaders (Young Guns) with high potential for impact. Incorporates skill needs assessment, corporate culture & vision alignment, values and character discovery, and preparation for IRIS experience.

IRIS – Immersion experience to raise the sights of Gen Y leaders to think and act globally, and envisage a new world. Taps into passion and purpose rather than just skills.

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